About Us

Dostoyevsky used to say “Beauty will save the world”. We believe him.

Misuma is a boutique ethical fashion brand for women who want to wear beautiful clothes.

We pride ourselves on the care we take to tailor garments that fit you like a glove, in every sense: your body, your colours, your individual style. We aim to make you feel like a Queen.

Our collections are inspired by timeless feminine qualities of grace, as reflected in the fabrics and the cultures of different countries and traditions around the world. Most of our pieces are unique one-offs, with only one or two panels cut from the same length of fabric. Each garment is imbibed with a feeling of place. We like to take you on a journey by wearing our clothes.

Each Misuma piece is designed and made with love. Love of traveling, of discovering ourselves, and helping craftmanship wherever we go.

The Himalaya collection is largely made in India, where we help provide a good income for three families and their 10 children. In Morocco, we give work to artisans in textiles and leather. We partner with Italian jewellers, costumiers and shoemakers. Most of our clothes are hand stitched at our studio in Scotland, where they are all designed and hand finished.

Dostoyevsky used to say “Beauty will save the world”. We believe him.

Beauty, and the increasing integration of cultures, of east and west, and the proper balance between women and men. Our clothes are made to inspire dreams.