Although you will see many ready-to-wear garments in our store, the bulk of our business is in fact bespoke work for individual clients, offering not just a made-to-measure service, but the chance to find and help to co-design a garment for you that will really feel made in heaven.

As our customer comments testify, Misuma’s bespoke service can really take you on a unique journey.  With Caterina’s expert guidance, you will discover the colours, style and fit to bring out all of your beauty, in an atmosphere designed to put you at your ease that is part homely and part haute-couture, with a strong ethos of  Italian hospitality, personal care, and attention to detail that underpins everything we do.

You can either come to find us at Caterina’s Edinburgh studio, or we can come to you, as we have done for clients from York and London to Milan and Vienna.

To order a custom garment direct, book an appointment, or to discuss us coming to you please contact us